Service: The intern will spend 10-15 hours per week serving the church and the community through partnership with Big House Church’s ministries and various scheduled outreach activities. The intern will have the opportunity to learn through service as they partner with various staff members in their roles at the church. Service Areas include Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worship & Arts, Prayer Ministry & Small Group Ministry.

Spiritual Formation: The intern will be asked to focus on prayer, devotional time, worship, intensive study of the scripture, and their physical health, both in private and in regularly scheduled times with their fellow interns. The intern will also be given applicable reading to their field of focus, along with regular group teaching sessions led by church leaders.

Community: The internship is designed to be FUN and build authentic Kingdom Relationships. These goals will be encouraged through field trips, community dinners with their fellow interns and the church staff. The intern will also participate in personality profile test, to assist in strengthening relationships and community ties.

Discipleship: The intern will be offered discipleship on various levels, including assigned mentors chosen from the church community, pastoral and staff discipleship, small groups, and accountability partners. The intern will also have the opportunity to regularly meet with and learn from one of our Church elders.