Big House is a "house" of worship that functions much like a sailing ship. Every crew member has a vital role that helps the ship function. As ships are built to voyage so Jesus sends his church on a journey out into the world. There are seasons of harbor, for rest and repair. But no ship is built for harbor, it is built to sail the seas. God is not content to dwell in temples constructed by human hands but rather to make a home in human hearts. Everywhere we go we carry the message of God's love and the power of God's presence.  We gather every week inside a 100 year old sanctuary in the heart of historic Ghent of Norfolk. That building holds the church but it is not the church. The church is you connected to others in the bond of friendship under the humble Lordship of Jesus Christ. 

Life, like the sea, is fluid and often unpredictable. We require a community of faith that can navigate those waters and brave the storms. Faith is an is the wind in your sails, the smell of the sea and the sun on your face. We invite you to climb aboard the Big House and ride the mighty waves of grace, driven by the wind of God's love. Help our vessel be all that it can be to fulfill the Great Commission to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom into all the world.