Be Salty, for God's Sake

Mark 9:49-50 (The Passion Translation) “Salt is excellent for seasoning. But if salt becomes tasteless, how can its flavor ever be restored? Your lives, like salt, are to season and preserve. So don’t lose your flavor, and preserve the peace in your union with one another.”

As salt is an essential substance to the existence of mankind, thus, we are instructed as Christians to be a necessary and indispensable part of the world around us by being “salty.” Everyone likes salty foods, like popcorn, Mexican food, cheese, butter, pasta, and eggs. But these have all had salt added. What would they taste like without the salt to season and bring out the flavor? They would be bland or maybe all flavors would mix together without anything outstanding about them. Some salt is a good thing.

However, there is a sense of balance needed to bring all the spices together for the ultimate flavor experience. Too much or too little can negate the whole purpose of the seasoning. The one characteristic of salt that can be agreed on by all people is that it is used to improve the eating experience. When you try to eat a food without enough salt, it makes you start looking around for the nearest salt shaker, right?

But then again, have you ever tried to eat something with too much salt? Wow! The biggest problem is that there is no easy way to dilute it. The salt has lost it flavor and has overwhelmed the food and makes you want to just throw it away.

So, the question we need to answer is, how can we bring salt to the world around us to be an influence for God yet keep from being a crushing force that turns them away from Him? It seems that, just as the amount of salt added to our food is an individually acquired taste, so we must hear from God how to influence our world for His Kingdom. We need to take a look around us – at the people and affairs that we choose to enter into association with or withhold ourselves from.

First of all, do we ask God about them? Next, we must hear what He has to say. His heart is for them just as it is for us, which sounds like a win-win situation. We must go to take God’s love to the lost ‘in their world’. As representatives of Jesus, we can assist those who don’t know Him to improve their lives just as salt improves food. We can’t give them so little that they start looking around for more, nor do we bombast them with “do’s” and “don’ts” that overwhelm the love we’re attempting to bring. We simply take the love of God to the lost because we are obedient, which makes us “salty”.

Prayer: “Jesus, help me see the people around me that you want to touch with my life and your love. Give me insight how I can do that so your amazing love is foremost and is accepted. Make it all about you and not me. I want others to know you as I do. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

  • Devotional by Kay Cook