Know God's Way

Proverbs 4:10 “My son, if you will take the time to stop and listen to me and embrace what I say, you will live a long and happy life full of understanding in every way.” (The Passion Translation)

I love to knit! I really enjoy being creative in this way. How about you? How do express your creativity? I had a situation that taught me a spiritual lesson through this hobby.

I saw an ad for yarn on sale and a pattern for the cutest string beach bag. Deciding that I would like to have this bag, I bravely determined to branch out of knitting and crochet this project. How hard could it be?

The project started off great. Along the way, I would hold up my work so as to gauge how straight and long it was. So, by the time I stitched a strip of 30 rows of lace stitches, there should have been only 5 more rows until I finished. I laid it out to see the work overall. Wow! Instead of a rectangle, there was a ragged kind of parallelogram! I almost cried. I didn’t understand how it could have gone so wrong while I was following the directions so closely. The only thing to do was to unravel it, ball the yarn back up and start at the place where the stitches went out of alignment.

I often see spiritual truths in my everyday experiences so, I looked to see what was going on here. It became very apparent and, you might see the analogy yourself.

I saw my project as a Christian’s life that is based on the Bible and Scriptural teaching. Somewhere along the way, maybe early-on, the influence of our society comes to us with a “new” way to think about how we apply the guidelines of the Bible. It’s not so far off that we recognize it as a wrong direction but, it gets a foothold in our thoughts and we carry it out. That’s where we should immediately take it to God for clarification. It’s not a matter of whether it is “right for me” but, what God and the Scripture say about it. Without discernment or correction by the Holy Spirit, we find our lives becoming ragged and out of alignment with the Word.

Can you see anything in your life that needs to be unraveled and reworked into your life’s fabric with the supervision of Holy Spirit? Let’s lay out our lives to allow God, as our Lord and Master, to root out the “wicked way in us” and teach us any new ways of thinking about His Kingdom.

Prayer: “Lord, I want to follow you without the influence of the world in my life. Give me discernment to know what is from you and what I should turn away from. My greatest desire is to live happily with more understanding of you and your ways. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

  • Devotional by Kay Cook