Intimacy with God

Prayer is the path for nurturing intimacy with God. It is how we successfully express and received love from God. All vertical relationships with persons of the Godhead, when there is any degree of intimacy at all, involve prayer.

Did you know that those who have a strong prayer life experience more intimacy in their human relationships, especially their marriage? When we become practiced in our ability to love God through prayer, we, in turn, grow in our ability to express and receive love from all of our relationships, spiritual and human. Your prayer life directly connects to your human relationships! I used to compartmentalize prayer as only a “spiritual practice”, but I have received the revelation that prayer creates a positive change in all my relationships. Practice intimacy with God and watch all your relationships grow and become more healthy!

1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

Prayer: Father God, I love You. I am so thankful for the love You show me. I truly want to know you more! I pray that You would increase my capacity to express and receive love in all my relationships, especially with you. Thank you God for the pure love that flows so freely from your heart to me. I choose you Lord. I choose to be vulnerable with you, to process the deepest places in my heart with you. I hold nothing back from you. Help me to live with a heart that is free to be transparent and trusting as I open up my life to you and others. I pray that the fruit of my relationship with you would spread to every relationship in my life. I pray that you would bring healing and life to all that I interact with this week. Amen.

  • Devotional by Pastor Matt Ruckel