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We’re a part of the Big House family working to meet the needs of our military community - especially the need for full life in Christ. Our group exists so that together we can know the Gospel, live the Gospel, and enact God's Kingdom throughout our military.

Many of us have spent time out floating on the deep, under a tent in the giant sandbox, or feeling isolated for months – even years – right here at home. These types of situations tend to bring up big questions about life and death, and we want you to have answers! We're committed to learning together what the Bible says, what it means, and how to use it for everything.

You might also be familiar with a PCS, TDY, HZDA, CZ or some other alphabet soup. Whatever it is, you gotta go – but we don't want you to go alone. We're committed to maintaining contact with you, praying for you, and providing you with accessible means to stay in touch with us.

Then there’s overdue yardwork, getting lost in the new town, not knowing any babysitters, a couch that's too big and heavy, and all the other stuff of transience and uncertainty. We're committed to being aware of the rhythms of your life, reaching out when times seem tougher, being available for your requests, and showing up to help.

Finally, sometimes it just might seem like you're the only person at work who lives and thinks like you do. Well, that means we've got plenty of chances to introduce a whole lotta people to a new way of life. We're committed to knowing other members and families from your units, praying for them, and hosting opportunities for us all to be together.

Our Military Support Group commits to know God's intentions and instructions, stick together and stay connected, keep alert and responsive to needs, and meet and welcome those who don’t yet believe. We invite all our servicemembers, veterans, their families and friends, to join us.

If you want to find out more about this group or sign up to be a part, click the button below.